Can You Use Testosterone Boosters to Curb Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) refers to the ability to get and maintain a strong erection which can withstand sexual intercourse. Connoting that testosterone is the male hormone that separates men from boys, you may be tempted to think that using testosterone boosters will help cure ED. Older men who are in their forties and fifties have declined testosterone levels which causes low libido and sex drive (see testosterone booster for older men article). Nonetheless, if you are struggling with low T but ED is your only symptom, using testosterone boosters may not help you.

Based on studies, testosterone treatment does not improve erections for men with optimal testosterone levels. In addition, men who have ED as their only symptom of low T does not benefit from testosterone boosters.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

ED is caused by insufficient blood supply to the penis. This is attributed to other factors including hardening of arteries, high blood pressure and high cholesterol which narrows the blood vessel reducing blood supply to the penis in return.

Low T causes low libido and sex drive. Boosting testosterone levels will therefore lead to increased libido and sex drive. Based on studies, low T is rarely the cause of low T. nonetheless, we cannot overlook the importance of using testosterone boosters and sexual advancements.

Other psychological problems such as depression, anxiety, hormonal imbalance and more also adds to suffering from ED. In addition, conditions such as spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, chorionic back pains and general neurological disorders leads to worsened ED.

Relationship between Low Testosterone and Erectile Dysfunction

Health erections depends on testosterone but the relation between the two is complex and studies are yet to reveal more findings. In some people who with low T, they are still able to have and maintain strong erections while others suffer from ED yet low T is not the root cause of their problem.

Low T and ED have one thing in common; most of the chronic conditions which are responsible for causing low T, including obesity, diabetes and heart diseases are also contributors to having ED.

Taking Testosterone Supplements as Treatment of ED.

Testosterone boosters are tailored towards helping men with low T improve different aspects of their life; sexuality being the most predominant aspect. These supplements are made of natural ingredients which are extracted from herbs and they are clinically proved to be safe and effective. Use of quality testosterone boosters brings wide range of benefits including increased libido and sex drive, muscle growth, increased energy count, increased strength and stamina…

Suffering from Erectile Dysfunction for a duration of three months and above calls for medical attention. You need to take several blood test to identify the root cause of your problem. Oftentimes, men with such cases are victims of low T and requires testosterone treatment.

Testosterone replacement therapy is the most commonly known treatment for low T. nonetheless, it comes with a lot of side effects which you may find it hard to cope up with. In addition, it is also very expensive and can’t be afforded by most men.

Low testosterone can however be treated naturally using testosterone boosters. Using testosterone boosters will for sure help in improving your overall sex life and erectile dysfunction will become a thing of the past. Nonetheless, you need to combine testosterone boosters with other ingredients such as Viagra that promotes smooth blood flow in the penis.


The cause of Erectile Dysfunction is not specific in nature and medical diagnosis is important in identifying the cause. Nonetheless, use of testosterone boosters has far and wide helped a lot of men in improving their sex life. It leads to increased testosterone and that may be the key requirement for resolving your erectile dysfunction disorder.


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