Are Testosterone Supplements Ideal For Older Men?

Based on studies, testosterone levels normally decline with age. Most men report to have low testosterone levels when they are in their late twenties and early thirties. The best treatment at their disposal is use of natural testosterone boosters since they are cheap, effective and safe.

By the time a man reach the age of 60 and above, that could mean that his testosterone level is almost half and below of what it used to be when he was in puberty and early twenties. Does the use of testosterone supplements of any help to men who have reached such age? Well we will get to know about that later on in our discussion.

In the recent past, very controversial discussions have been aired pertaining to the use of testosterone pills by older men, oftentimes men above 65 years. Food and Drugs Administration is responsible for approving the testosterone boosters that have met the required criteria for them to be offered to customers for commercial purposes on the market. However, when it comes to older men FDA aired their warning in 2015 claiming that old men stand at a very high risk of suffering from cardiac complications when they use testosterone supplements. That being the case, testosterone replacement therapy seems to be a better alternative but we don’t know that yet.

American Medical Association recently conducted a research to approve or deny whether testosterone boosters are ideal for old men (above 65 years).  This research (Testosterone Trials-TTRIALS) where they used sample statistics of 800 men who were on low T, the sample population was divided into two, half of the population was given testosterone pills while the other half was given placebo. According to recent research conducted by American Medical Association, they compared the results of different men who used a testosterone booster and those who used a placebo for a two months duration. They found out that men who were on testosterone supplementation had significant improvements in bone density and bone strength. No improvement was noticed in men who were on placebo. The men on testosterone supplements who suffered from anemia also recorded improvements in blood`s iron level but men who had memory problems did not have any progress in memory enhancement or cognitive functionality

To determine whether older men benefit from using testosterone boosters or not, this is pegged on the root cause of their problem. As a matter of fact, Dr. David Handlesman from the University of Sydney, Concord Hospital in Australia, states that low testosterone levels caused by obesity and other age related health issues, should be absolutely solved by change of lifestyles which are directly related to the issues at hand. Additionally, individual manufacturer of testosterone pills should clearly highlight a warning sign about cardiovascular risks when their products are used by old men.

The above research findings shows that old men stands at a high risk of suffering from cardiac complication when they use testosterone supplements. Eric Orwoll who is a professor of medicine at Oregon Health and Science University puts this discussion on a further note by adding that the effects on cardiovascular health remains elusive and large prospective randomized trials are required for findings.

Some of the testosterone supplements found in the market today are very suitable to be used by old men. However, old men need to consult licenced medical practitioner to help them in deciding whether using testosterone supplements is ideal for them or not. They will also be guided in choosing the testosterone pill that can serve them best.


It is true to say that testosterone supplements improves old men`s health at different angles ranging from bone density and strength. However, one fact that cannot be overlooked is that old men stands at a very high risk of suffering from cardiovascular complications. Nonetheless, there have been no conclusive research on the recent past which approves or prohibits old men from using testosterone boosters.

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